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Domingo, 03 de Febrero de 2013 10:35

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Graffiti Route
Articulos - English
Sábado, 02 de Febrero de 2013 13:54

Family Cycle Routes. [Español]

Graffiti Route.

Sunday, 10 February 2013.





This family cycle route is intended to be a new initiative in the range of itineraries Murcia Bike has been developing in recent years.

During the meeting we will have a guided tour to visit Murcia and various graffiti near our village, to learn more about this type of street expression extended to all corners of the world by observing their different techniques, as not everything in this form of artistic expression can be classified as simple vandalism.

Sunday 10 February 2013. Departure time 9:30.

"Reina Sofía" Hospital, Murcia city.

Murcia / La Albatalía / Nonduermas / Central Railway Logistics Sewer / Murcia.

Murcia: city tour, Plaza de la Merced, Plaza Circular, Avenida Juan Carlos I.

Murcia - The Albatalía through Senda de Granada connect with the Friendly Way 4 (Murcia - La Nora).

La Albatalía - Nonduermas by lanes and paved roads.

Nonduermas - Central Railway Logistics Sewer Via Friendly 1 (Murcia - Sewer)
Sewer Central Railway Logistics to Murcia by lanes and paved road to enter the city by road and Via San Gines kind 2 (Murcia - Aljucer and El Palmar).

During the tour we will make a couple of stops to regroup, regain strength, make a picture, etc.

During the tour will make a stop for a snack intermediate or in a bar or what each take, to taste.

At the end of the route we will make a journey / visit to the Museum of San Pio Street for a series of works, murals, and pieces in public spaces. The art collective involved in this project, has been creating works of dimensions, techniques and advanced features that adorn the urban environment.

Then we will return to our starting point.


30 Kilometres

3 hours riding on bike
1.5 hours of stops, lunch

Physical difficulty
Very easy,  friendly way, banks of the river and lanes / paved roads.

Low difficulty, roads and / or paved or unpaved roads with good firm.

None. Whoever decides aperitif at the bar were paid their food.



This place is called as an output of friends, so that all participants are responsible for their own safety and to meet traffic rules. Attending the same, implies acceptance of these rules and absolve the organizers from any liability.

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The French Government will encourage workers to go by bike.
Articulos - English
Viernes, 01 de Febrero de 2013 22:31

Companies bonifiquen their employees who choose to bike to work will tax exemptions.


It aims to promote the use of bicycles to the car. This measure was introduced in the framework of the National Meeting of the bike that took place this week in Paris.


In addition to this measure will encourage bike use by introducing various measures as give each bike a code to prevent them from being stolen, regular traffic lights to facilitate turns and build more bikeways.


More information: (in Spanish).

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Mujer y bicicleta
Articulos - Bicicleta
Miércoles, 30 de Enero de 2013 12:08

Bea, de Valladolid, ha realizado un programa titulado "Bicicleta y mujer" donde habla sobre el impacto que históricamente supuso el uso de la bici para las mujeres, iniciativas muy interesante como Cicliátrico en Madrid y Ovaian Psycos de Los Ángeles.

Es interesante dar un poco de difusión entre los colectivos ciclistas porque siempre se agradece escuchar algo bonito de las bicis.

Podéis escuchar el programa pinchando aquí.

Más información:

Twitter: @SurExpansivo

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We speak english
Articulos - English
Lunes, 28 de Enero de 2013 20:04

We speak English for you from 2013.


We will publish some article and news in english language. Our idea is that English-speaking people can participate with us. We would like to know about your opinion.

Thanks for your reading. For any cuestion you can write in English to Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla

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